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Bala Sport at the School Leaders Briefing – Making Sport Fair For Everyone!

We are delighted to announce the attendance of Bala Sport at the School Leaders Briefing events we are holding in November.bala-sport-main

The programme for the School Leaders Briefing events will now feature a slot with a short film screening from Bala followed by a brief presentation either from Managing Director Angus Coull (at the Leeds and Midlands events) or Board Member Sue Bentley (at the Basildon event).


Bala Sport is a co-operative set up to expand the availability and use of ethically produced Fairtrade sports balls in the UK and beyond. 

The Fairtrade Mark is the most widely recognised ethical label globally and is trusted by 89% of UK consumers. A key role of this co-operative is to raise awareness of the issues around Fairtrade sports balls and how they help make a difference in the lives of some of the estimated 40,000 sports balls workers in Sialkot, Pakistan (where around 70% of the world’s hand-stitched balls are made).

When a high quality Fairtrade certified football is sold in the UK the buyer is guaranteed that the men and women who make these hand stitched products are paid a fair wage and benefit from fair working conditions and the Fairtrade Premium, a cash sum used for social, economic and environmental development projects decided upon through a democratic process.

To ensure that sport in your school is kept fair both on AND off the pitch you might consider investing in some Fairtrade Bala Sport footballs and rugby balls (coming soon).

Furthermore, if you want to see presentations from interesting projects such as this, alongside speeches from a variety of interesting, high-profile speakers, then make sure to come along to our School Leaders Briefing events. Although some venues are in the process of finalisation, the events will be held as follows:

3 November – Midlands (TBA)

4 November – Leeds

8 November – Exeter

10 November – Basildon

To book tickets for the event: click here.

To view Bala Sport’s website: click here.

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