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Can you host a Dutch Bilingual School visit?

A number of Dutch Bilingual schools are investigating the possibility of a school visit in March, particularly in the South East of England or the area near Nottingham.

These are secondary schools for age 13-17. All the courses and subjects are taught in English, so the students’ English is very good. A group of 49 students aged 13-14 is visiting the UK from 10-13 March and are interested in visiting a school on 11 or 12 March. It is hoped that the visit would not interfere with the school’s programme or give extra work, but would enable the students to communicate and discuss student topics. It is hoped that small groups of 3-4 students can join a class for a part of the day and have a school lunch, rather than taking part in a tour.

The visitors are willing to cover any costs and are happy to look into and assist in a return visit to the Netherlands.

If your school is interested in hosting a group of Dutch students contact René Verhagen at

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