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Campsmount Technology College and Community Partnership Trust

campsmount technology college and community partnershipCampsmount Technology College and Community Partnership Trust

Campsmount Technology College is located north of Doncaster and serves the ex-mining communities of Askern, Campsall and Norton. The community has struggled to recover from the devastating impact of the closure of the pit, the dominant employer, in the 1980s.

This resulted in over 65% male unemployment at the time. Unemployment remains well above the national average, and the school’s last OFSTED Report indicates other characteristics of deprivation, a higher than average proportion of students eligible for free school meals and higher than average proportion of students with special educational needs.

The inspection described the school as ‘a good and improving school with some outstanding features’. Campsmount Technology College and the Community Partnership Trust were clear about why they wanted to become a trust. The vision is ‘Raising aspirations, raising achievement’.

The trust involves Doncaster College, the Co-operative College, North Doncaster Rural Trust and Leeds Metropolitan University and is devoted ‘to raising community aspirations through valuing education and training, embedding a lifelong learning ethos and actively promoting regeneration in the community’.

Its consultation document states – ‘the CCPT will be a co-operative trust that will establish long term and sustainable partnerships with a wide variety of other organisations. As a cooperative trust we will adopt the values and principles of the co-operative movement’.

The document states that the trust will ‘provide a mechanism for all members of the community, especially parents and carers of the children and young people to have a voice in the development and management of the school. This will be achieved through their membership of a forum that will appoint trustees’.

Headteacher Andy Sprakes commented: “Campsmount has improved significantly over the past few years and I see the establishment of a Co-operative Trust as the next progressive stage in our development. The Trust will ensure that the community, learners and other stakeholders have a key strategic role in the development of learning opportunities and service provision that will impact on educational standards and improve life chances across the community.”