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Chris Kilkenny gives inspirational presentation to Brentwood County High School students

Sixth Form students at Brentwood County High School were privileged to have attended an inspiring presentation yesterday led by former Prime Minister David Cameron and Chris Kilkenny.

Chris is a young man from Edinburgh who met David by chance when both attended the same conference. David was that day making a presentation to school leaders and Chris was involved in setting up the event. After a conversation where David discovered Chris’ story, he arranged to introduce him to Headteachers at countywide events. Subsequently they were both invited to address students in schools.

Chris told the students about his upbringing and the challenges he had faced and continues to face as a young father. He is striving to survive in challenging circumstances and to support his family while committing to studying in order to improve his life chances.

During the presentation students were encouraged to commit to their studies and how the decisions they make will impact on their life. They learned about how poverty can have an impact on your opportunities and were encouraged to make informed choices about their futures by conveying their learning, emotional and social needs to staff whether that be at school, college or university.

Headteacher Stephen Drew said “We were delighted to be visited by the wonderful Chris Kilkenny and David Cameron. Chris’ life story is both challenging and life-affirming. It was obvious throughout the talks that our Sixth Formers were strongly engaged and in deep thought about what Chris had to say. Their questions at the end showed the importance of this talk. It does us all good to be reminded of the difficulties others face in their lives and how we should remember how lucky we are compared to others.”

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