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Don’t miss your chance to go on an inspiration summer school for young people!

Places are filling up for Demand the Impossible, a summer school for 16 – 25 year olds taking place in Manchester from 24-28 July. The course is absolutely free to all participants (food and transport included).

The world is a difficult and unpredictable place for today’s young people. Here in the UK, many young people face looming student debts, precarious work and unstable housing, and all too often, in the midst of political uncertainty, young people’s views are ignored.

Demand the Impossible aims to address these problems. The course will help young people gain a critical understanding of power in society and develop the confidence and skills to get active in changing society. They will encourage you to explore ideas in a participatory, empowering way, engage with inspiring speakers and groups, and develop practical skills by engaging in activism.

This is the first time the course has taken place in Manchester and an exciting opportunity to bring together young people across the region to meet each other, learn together and share ideas.

“The experience has been a life-changing journey into activism for me. I went from being passive to very active in politics, organising and taking part in demonstrations. It has been a surreal and amazing year” - Hidigo, participant on Demand the Impossible 2016/17.

The deadline for applications is 18 June, but apply early because previous courses have been oversubscribed.

Apply for your free place on Demand the Impossible.

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