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Rapper Logic inspires students at Corelli College

Corelli College students show-their-appreciation-to-Logic after his performanceStudents at London co-operative Academy Corelli College were paid a surprise visit by the rapper Logic, and were inspired by his message that encourages youngsters to take control of their futures by facing and challenging discrimination to bring about a positive change.

Corelli College has long made it a mission to support youngsters in becoming active and responsible members of the community, so the visit by a famous music artist that is known as a speaker and modern pioneer proved to be an inspiration for students. After being introduced by the Vice Principal, Logic alongside guitarist John McIvor and vocalist Kadeega, took to stage in front of the whole school assembly and performed his breakthrough hits Bother You and Dumb Dumb that are part of his ongoing success in the iTunes chart. The energy and emotion in his words was felt by students of all ages and teachers alike, with students in particular enjoying the show as they felt they could identify with someone who grew up in the area and has taken charge of his own life in a positive way.

After his performance, Logic signed off with a special message about his background and integration within his family that left a lasting impression with many students, some of whom waited to meet him afterwards to show their appreciation. This visit was particularly important for the students because of the diverse range of backgrounds they come from which added to the fact of the multi-cultural areas in which they live.

Although there has been a lot of work within society surrounding the challenges of discrimination, it is an issue that needs an ongoing discussion to maintain that momentum, which Corelli College promotes on a number of different levels. This was echoed by Logic who at the end of his appearance said: “It was a blessed experience to be able to come to the college today and share my time with what is perceived as a young, but ignorant, generation. Ultimately it’s a good opportunity to meet these people and get my message across.” Guitarist John McIvor was also proud of what they achieved and gave high praise to the students when he said: “This was the best school we have been to and it was a pleasure being here and nice to get an opportunity to speak to the younger generation. We would like to thank Corelli College for giving us the opportunity to do that.”

The event was organised by Corelli College’s Behavioural Specialist Rasheeda White, who works tirelessly with students to provide them with opportunities to develop academically and socially and instil their own sense of pride and belonging. Rasheeda was extremely happy with the feedback from students and said”

“Logic is a high-profile artist whose distinctive form of hip-hop transcends the norms of this universal genre. His lyrics are intelligent and diverse in their content and promote positive enquiring minds. The intention behind Logic’s performance was to engage the students in the inclusiveness of diversity, with a strong emphasis on self-worth, at being part of a vibrant school community.”

Events like this work in conjunction with a number of other initiatives throughout the college curriculum to create new opportunities for students to discover and meet their potential. Logic’s music deals with many themes, from politics to everyday life, so it is hoped that students will be able to learn from this experience and the strong message about community that it creates.


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