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Rocket Man at Corelli College Co-operative Academy

Rocket Man smallGreen Scene students at London co-operative Academy Corelli College were over-the-moon to receive rocket seeds that have been orbiting in space!

Whilst Tim Peake is on the ISS for his space mission, he has taken charge of more than a million seeds of rocket that have been held in microgravity. The salad seeds returned to Earth with astronaut Scott Kelly and have now been distributed to participating schools. Students are being asked to do scientific experiments on the seeds to find out whether six months in space has affected them in any way.

The Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) and Tim want students to plant the seeds of rocket leaves that have been in orbit and compare their growth with normal rocket seeds. The experiments will feed into research that space agencies are carrying out to try to determine whether one day astronauts could grow their own food in space.

Watch this space!

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