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Sutton Coldfield Trust’s website and award

The Learning Trust for Excellence (LTE) in Sutton Coldfield, Birmingham, which brings together seven primary schools with a range of partners, has been awarded a Leading Aspect Award in recognition of the impact of the wide range of collaborative working taking place. The award recognises the quality and commitment by all involved and the engagement of stakeholders along with a demonstration of high quality leadership and management in the development of the Trust. Evidence illustrates the significant contribution the collaboration is having on improving teaching and learning underpinned by robust systems and processes to support effective monitoring and evaluation of the improved outcomes and impact. A range of stakeholders including teachers, parents, governors, pupils and Head teachers were interviewed as part of the verification process required in order to achieve the award.

Rachel Davis, Chair of the Trust, said: “We are delighted and proud to receive the Leading Aspect Award and national recognition of our achievements. We have such strong belief in the work we are doing and the positive outcomes for all our establishments and the wider community. The Trust has worked hard building professional relationships and strong foundations based on trust and respect, as well as identifying areas for truly beneficial collaborative working. The impacts are already evident and the motivation amongst all staff and partners to keep building the Trust is strong. There is no doubt that the outcomes for children are tangible. There is so much more the Trust can achieve, this is just the beginning.”

The Learning Trust for Excellence has just launched its website. Visit to find out more.

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