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Global Learning Programme

Support for co-operative schools through the Global Learning Project

As a co-operative school you may already have strengths in Global Learning. You have a great opportunity to develop this work further by joining the new Global Learning Programme. This ground-breaking new programme is creating a national network of like-minded schools, all committed to engaging their pupils with development and global issues at Key Stages 2 and 3.

Joining the Global Learning Programme means

  • You can take advantage of the support on offer to help develop global learning in your school; including free twilight support from a local GLP Expert Centre, free CPD credits and free online resources and tools for you and your school.
  • If you have completed the Co-operative Identity Mark, you can enter the GLP as a partner school at a higher level than other schools would.
  • Working through the GLP will also support your ongoing development as a co-operative school.
  • You can join a network of other schools to share practice and expertise.
  • You could also become a GLP Expert Centre to share your expertise in both global learning and co-operative learning with other schools in your area.

To help you, the GLP has already looked at the ways in which the Co-operative Identity Mark links to the GLP whole school framework. The GLP whole school framework illustrates how global learning within the GLP can be promoted across the whole school. As you will see, schools with the Co-operative Identity Mark are already carrying out a range of similar work, providing a platform to extend and deepen this across the school through the GLP. To see more about this, view the mapping document. And to join the GLP, visit the new GLP website.